Posted by Kunle Awoliyi

Knotting a tie for the right occasion has not always been the easiest thing for me either. Let's explore the topic on how do you know which knot to pick for the right occasion.  I am going to describe three different knots you can add to your arsenal and quickly use on your next occasion.

 ·   Four-in-Hand  Knot
·    Half-Windsor  Knot
·    Full-Windsor  Knot

Four-in-Hand is not quite the look for that formal occasion because of the crooked and slightly stretched shape. This knot is perfect when used with skinny ties for narrow spread collars.

Narrow Spread Collars
This look is good for skinny tall men. Perfect for social gatherings and parties.

Half-Windsor Knot has a more formal look and is more symmetrical than the half-in-hand knot. The Half Windsor is a little more complicated than the four-in-hand. This look goes well on a semi spread collar.

Semi Spread Collar
Always prefect for meetings and interviews.
Full-Windsor Knot is a larger half-Windsor knot. It is the most formal and it is usually worn with a wide spread collar dress shirts and it looks better on men with larger neck size.
Wide Spread Collar
This knot is great for formal events like weddings and highly influential meetings.