Posted by Kunle Awoliyi

Tie bars are one of those accessories that every man should have in their accessory pack. They look good, make you look smart and most above all they keep your tie fastened to your shirt. So let's go over some of the things you need to know about tie bars

Rule #1

The main purpose of wearing a tie bar is to keep both flaps of the tie fastened to your shirt. I am sure you have often seen people wearing a tie bar but the tie is literally dangling everywhere. Make sure you are not that guy. 

Rule #2

We all know that wearing a nice tie bar not only looks good but make you look well put together. The reality of the matter is wearing the wrong size of tie bar will take away from the style you are trying to accomplish. Please don't be that other guy wearing a tie bar that is longer than the width of their tie. I personally like it better when the tie is much wider than the tie bar. Ties that are exactly the same size as the tie bar are also acceptable. Make sure you check out our store for different sizes.

4 Rules Governing Tie Bars                      4 Rules Governing Tie Bars

Rule #3

Knowing where to place the tie bar is also crucial to the overall appearance. Placing it too high or placing it too low is totally not acceptable. 

4 Rules Governing Tie Bars Just Right!        4 Rules Governing Tie Bars Just Wrong!

Rule #4

When is the appropriate time to use a tie bar?. Wearing a tie clip with a cardigan or waistcoat defeats the purpose. The purpose of the tie bar is to hold you tie in place. Opting for a cardigan or a waistcoat takes care of this. Do not overcompensate!

Don't be this guy below 4 Rules Governing Tie Bars

4 Rules Governing Tie Bars


Let's learn a few things from this guy.

  • Tie bar and a cardigan - That is a no no
  • Tie bar too long? - Yes!

When next you choose to wear a tie bar, please remember these rules.