Posted by Kunle Awoliyi

Dos And Dont

Rule #105

When you pick up an off the rack suit, follow these 3 steps below to prevent looking like a rookie

  1. Remove the vent threads at the back
  2. Remove the sleeves label
  3. Remove the tack in the breast pocket. This is not mandatory but it is necessary for your pocket squares


Dos And Dont

Rule #104

Purpose: A tie bar keeps both flaps of the tie fastened to your shirt. Follow these rules to look like a pro. Your tie bar should never be longer than the tie. Don’t wear a tie clip with a cardigan/waistcoat, this defeats the purpose. Don’t place the tie bar too high or too low

Dos And Dont

Rule #103

Single breasted two button jackets have become classic and a must own for all men. Dating as far back as the 1900s there was no set rules on which buttons to fasten. The rules we now know were made famous by King Edward VII. When fastening your button, always remember these 3 words. Sometimes, Always, Never

Dos And Dont

Rule #102

Always match the widest point of your tie to the widest point of your suit lapel. Lapel and Tie in both image 1 and image 2 are both proportional. Don’t be that guy in image 3


Dos And Dont







Rule #101

Do not mix accessories. If you are wearing a black belt, compliment it with black shoes and black leather strap wristwatch