Elnuk Styles ( \El-Knock\) is a Toronto, Canada  based company with a passion to create art in the ever evolving fashion industry. We know what it feels like scrambling around on Saturday morning looking for accessories for that important dinner, your friend's wedding or for your hot lunch date. That can be stressful sometimes, not to mention draining on the bank account as well. This is exactly why we created this brand.

In 2015, The founder of Elnuk Styles, Kunle (Elnuk Backwards) Awoliyi decided to establish this bold and distinct brand to make accessorizing effortless. Maybe you are just interested in our pocket squares or colored socks but with our hand picked style boxes you get everything you need. The boxes are hand selected to accentuate your style starting from the matching tie right down to the lapel pin.  We strive to keep our prices lower than our competitors to make looking good affordable for anyone planning to step up their game.

We currently sell Knitted Bow Ties, Flower Lapel Pins, Orchid Lapel Pins, Cuff-Links, Silk and Cotton Pocket Squares, Colored Dress Socks, Tie Clips, Velvet Bow Ties, Polyester Neck Ties, Suede Neckties, Floral Neckties and Brooches. 

We also provide consultation services for weddings within the greater Toronto area. We will make sure we find you the best accessories for your wedding day. 

Mission: To make customers feel confident by offering elegant men’s accessories and clothing.To provide solutions to current and upcoming fashion challenges.

Vision: To redefine fashion using eloquent designs that  blend with every man's personality. To be a global leading brand that continuously adds value to the fashion world

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